about clay johnson {design for web}

Clay Johnson Design for Web is a one-person web design studio in Laramie, Wyoming. That one person is, appropriately enough, me, Clay Johnson.

These days creating a website requires a greater variety of skills than ever. From concept development and information architecture to graphic design, coding, and scripting, there’s a lot to be done. And the integration of all these parts into a smoothly functioning web presence is no mean feat. Larger web design firms will have separate departments to handle all of these facets of the job; and that can work well. But if one person can take a project from concept to completion there’s that much less chance of a communication breakdown or misunderstanding.

At the start of a project I work with clients to establish clear goals and a well-defined vision before all else. Once we have that focus, we can move forward with the process of developing content, organizing that information, and presenting it in the most appropriate way.

I serve as Project Manager, Creative Director, Technical Director, Graphic Designer, Front-End Coder, and Writer/Editor. And even when a project requires hiring some extra help or expertise, I still keep things small enough to prevent anything falling through the cracks. With a hand (or two) in every part of each site I build, and a vision for how it all fits together, the awesomeness of your site is assured.